Denver, CO

Well it’s summer and time for another trip out west to see far away friends, music and a number of National parks.

My first stop is to see my friend Steve and his girlfriend Monica in Denver.

I made the drive from Detroit to Denver in about 23 hours and that included a 3 hour nap.

I didn’t over pack this year so half of the back portion of my Nissan Xterra is converted to a sleeping area and comes in handy when you are tired on the road and need to pull over for a bit.

Here are a few pictures of a few storm systems I was lucky enough to see in Nebraska.

Road sign on I-80 in Nebraska

I arrived at Steve and Monica’s around 2pm which gave me ample time to re-aquaint myself with their two dogs, Chico and Sequoia, shower and take a much needed nap.

After my nap I witnessed the largest hail storm I have ever seen. I also received a number of dents from the almost golf ball sized hail that rained from the sky. It was quite the sight. I have to follow up with my insurance company so that hopefully I can get the hood fixed. I honestly have never felt the need to ask about hail coverage.

The Mighty Sequoia

After driving so much I just wanted a relaxing night so we had a few beers and went to have dinner. They live in a nice area near downtown Denver with a lot of nearby eateries and entertainment. The cross streets are Evans and Pearl. With droves of people moving to Denver and housing prices increasing. moving to this area (to me) seems to be out of reach of most people.

The next morning I had coffee on the back porch surrounded by dogs. We had breakfast at Lucile’s. If your in the are I would recommend checking this place out. One of the best breakfasts I have had in a long time.

It was time to say my goodbyes and head over to meeting up with my North Dakota friends at a hotel near Red Rocks. They had offered to let me crash at their suite while I attended one of the three String Cheese Incident concerts at this famous venue. It is alway a treat seeing these guys play at their favorite venue.

The show was amazing as always. I had so much fun and really enjoyed the encore of “Dreams” originally done by Fleetwood Mac. I could be mistaken but they might have brought back the same singer from last year who helped them cover a Michael Jackson song (Billie Jean). After the amazing show, I jokingly said to G (Tracy’s wife) in a straight face that I caught 27 Pokemon during the show. She swore if it was true she was never going to talk to me again. =)

I love hanging out with this North Dakota crew and looked forward to hanging out with them later in my two and a half week road trip.

My travels this summer will take me from Denver to Arches National Park>Zion National Park>Sequoia National Park>Redwood National Park>Olympic National Park>Glacier National Park and then stopping twice in North Dakota and once in Chicago to see friends. I look forward to posting more of my stories from my travels

Stay tuned….


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