Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock Review

In 2015 I decided to take up backpacking. I have always loved being up north, camping and trout fishing. The thought of getting back into nature and getting a lot of exercise appealed to me.

After having trouble with my back while camping I decided to look into using a hammock instead of a tent whenever possible. After looking at Outdoor Gear Lab’s website and reading reviews throughout the Winter I decided to purchase a Warbonnet Blackbird hammock.



They have great customer service and a number of helpful videos to help you become comfortable with hammock camping.

The Warbonnet Blackbird is a great hammock with an attached bug net. My favorite part about this hammock is that you can sleep on your side. I am a side sleeper so this appealed to me. The first time I used it was on an overnight camping trip last year on the Jordan River Pathway.

After hiking up and down hills all day the hammock was just what I needed and I knew that (unless there were no trees) I was not going back to sleeping in a tent.

There is also a “shelf” on the backside of the hammock which is perfect for storing items that you might want to keep handy while relaxing or sleeping.

Here is a recap of the hammock and tarp I use while backpacking:

Warbonnet Blackbird Double Layer Hammock
Cost: $185
Weight: 2 lbs 2 ounces

I also purchased the Warbonnet Mamajamba tarp
Cost: $115
Weight:  17 oz.

The weight and cost are comparable to an ultralight tent.

Accessories you will probably need:
6 stakes ($1.50/ea)
Guyline ($20) 0 Used to string up your rain fly and stake down everything
Stuff sack for stakes ($8)
*All can be purchased right through Warbonnet

Purchasing the hammock and tarp together comes with two free carabiners and a small discount. I also purchased six stakes.

Setting up the hammock takes about 30 seconds. The tarp takes a few minutes as you do have to tie a few knots to attach it to the trees and stake everything down.

If you have any questions or need any advice about getting off the ground just let me know.



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