Jackson Hole, WY

As I drove towards Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park I stopped at a rest area. I took that opportunity to brush my teeth and stretch a bit. It was cold but I remember seeing a beautiful river. At a picnic area there was information on the River. This ended up being the Snake River and according to the sign there were 4000 trout per mile in this river. I almost died when saw this fact. It was something I had not researched or known before.

My next stop was a boat launch to take a look at the river. There were a lot of drift boat guide companies in the area. At the river I asked one of the guides going out where I might be able to throw a line. He pointed to a bridge and I went down the road to get my line wet. I had no fishing license but didn’t plan on staying long.

On my first cast I caught a HUGE Yellowstone cutthroat. I took a quick photograph and quickly returned it to the water. I fished for another 30 minutes but decided to push on to Jackson Hole.

The road curves through the mountains and is quite beautiful. Eventually I arrived at Jackson Hole. I could see why so many people have chosen to live out in this part of the country. I have had a few friends that have lived in this town so I was interested in exploring a bit. I had tried to call my friend Dominic who lived in the area but unfortunately he was working all day and unavailable.

I parked in a parking structure and walked around downtown. It was clear to me very quickly that the people who live in this town had some money. It looked like everything was either an upscale store or a business catering to tourists. I saw the town square and found arches made of what looked to be moose/elk antlers. These are the arches you see in everyone’s photos that come to the area. I will include a photo of the arch in my gallery below.

The one shop I did enjoy was an art gallery that had a number of nice wildlife photographs that were taken at Yellowstone.



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