Grand Teton National Park, WY

I gassed up my car and bought some ice and started my way to Grand Teton National Park. Grand Teton is another small park and easily doable in a day. They have a nice visitors center and a number of small hikes that will give you some great views of the mountains.

Driving into the Visitors Center I saw a crowd of people on a bridge watching a moose feed in the river below. I had thought about stopping but thought I would see more later. Little did I know I didn’t see another moose for the rest of my trip.

The hike I chose was the Taggert Trail. I think that it might have been about 6 miles. The lakes here are crystal clear and would be great for swimming. I was aware that there were dangerous animals in the park but didn’t see any of them on my hike. Before you come out here you think that around every corner will be an animal. The only thing I saw were birds, squirrels and people.

At Jenny lake there is a nice cafe to grab a bite to eat and walk down to the lake. I used this opportunity to call my mom, check on the dog and assure her that I was still alive and doing well. I waded into the water at the lake but did not go swimming. It was quite cold and I assume the lake was fed from snow runoff from the mountains.

After Jenny Lake I continued on to Yellowstone which is just to the north of the Tetons.


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