Arches National Park, UT

I headed out of Black Canyon early as I was excited for my next destination, Arches National Park. I learned a lot about this park from my friend Jeff. He has been here a number of times and has taken some amazing photographs here.

One thing to remember is to get gas before you reach the exit to Arches. There is only one gas station there and they are at least $2 more per gallon than anywhere else I found on my trip. Once you exit you have another 30 minutes to get to the park. The landscape you find out there is second to none and something that makes you feel like you are in a western movie.

Another recommendation I want to stress is that you not only plan out your trips but also make your camping reservations early. By early I would say sometime between January-March. Unfortunately, I missed out on staying in this park but have already made my reservations for 2016. Being the Summer and one of the major US National Park the visitor’s center was busy. I didn’t get the chance to talk to a ranger here as the line for all three available rangers was ten people deep.

Make sure to fill up at the free water refill station. Face it you are going to sweat  and you need to drink A LOT of water. I bought a Camelback in Colorado to use and I could have not survived without it. REI sells delicious tasting electrolyte tablets that you can drop in the water. For the trip I was drinking watermelon flavored water. =)

After the visitors center I proceeded to head into the park and explore the park. Needless to say I was not disappointed. Around every corner was another great sight and I really had to stop myself from pulling over at each pull off to take pictures.

I ended up doing the Delicate Arch hike at this park and if you only can do one hike here this is the one to take. Such a rewarding sight finally seeing the arch after a long walk under the hot sun. I also was able to talk with a lot of people along the way and chat with a few girls under the arch who were also bumming it from park to park. I took a nice panoramic picture under the arch that gives the arch a different perspective. They ended up being in that picture. Hopefully I remember to find it and include it in this post. It makes me realize that I really should write down the names of people I meet to include them in my stories.

On the way back down it was nice giving directions/encouragement to people heading up the hill and rocks. I was surprised at how many people were heading up there in jeans or with only one small bottle of water. I doubt they survived.

After this I headed back to the 1000 degree car, let it cool down and then started making my way to my next destination.


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