Solo Flight

The weeks ticked away slowly leading up to my vacation out West. It felt like an adventure into lands I had only seen on TV or pictures. Even with all the research I had done over the year I was incredibly excited to explore a large portion of this country and unplug for about 17 days.

I left work around noon on a Wednesday. This worked out well since I had to drive about three hours south to drop off my dog at my moms in Sidney, Ohio before heading West for about 20 hours down I-70. This would take me through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and finally to my home for a few days Denver, Colorado.

As I was cruising past Indianapolis I called my friend Bryan to announce that I was going to break my long distance driving record of 18 straight hours.. In the middle of the night I stopped someplace in Missouri to sleep for a few hours at a rest area. I didn’t come close to breaking the record.

The one awesome thing about traveling by yourself is that you can sleep anywhere. Sometimes luxurious accommodations are nice but I needed to cover a lot of ground quickly on this trip. I remember parking next to a bunch of other drivers who had turned in for the night at a rest area. I locked my car and leaned against the door to fall asleep. After trying to sleep for about 20 min I decided it would be better to crawl into my backseat to try to sleep. Unfortunately, I set off the alarm in my car waking up the first batch of poor travelers of my trip. After moving my car to another location I drifted off in the back seat. I think I might have slept about 3 hours.

I continued to drive through Missouri and Kansas. In Kansas, I received a text from my boss and it said “No selfie’s with Bison.” This was because a week earlier a visitor to Yellowstone was injured by a bison in the park. Right after he sent the text I saw a sign for a Wild Bill attraction. I ended up pulling off and going to the historic site. Surprisingly they had a bison sculpture outside and a stuffed bison inside! Selfie with Bison – Check!. I sent him the text and continued on my way. =)

Once in Colorado I again passed out on the side of the road. I had a few extra hours to kill until my friend Steve would be able to leave work. It was really hot so I left my car on and slept in the air conditioning. After a few hours of sleep I woke up and continued on my way to Denver.


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